The Almighty says in the Old Testament...

 He then says in the New Testament... 

STRONG'S #4520
 sabbatismos {sab-bat-is-mos'}

from a derivative of 4521; TDNT - 7:34,989; n m

AV - rest 1; 1

 a keeping sabbath
2) the blessed rest from toils and troubles looked for in the
age to come by the true worshippers of God and true Christians

One thing that was revealed just the other day while in prayer. When I was a young man EVERYONE was set to party hardy on Friday nights. Everywhere you went, people from all walks of life looked forward to blowing off steam on Friday nights! As a teenager, Friday was THE day of the week for the parties! Every week was structured around how much drinking, dating, or just plain trouble making we could devise for Friday night. And the following Saturday was our "sleeping it off" day. We all would sleep as long as possible on Friday so when the Sun went down we could start all over again Saturday night.

In today's world we see Newspapers, Television ads, and even Restaurants suing the term, "TGIF" which means, Thank God it's Friday! ALL of this is designed by the enemy to get us all used to breaking the Sabbath of the one true Creator God. Instead of doing good on this day acknowledging the Creator as Lord, we chose to do evil things. Which in fact declared satan as lord over us by the very act!

I praise the Father of all creation for opening my eyes before I died!